The Other Half

Hello! Sarah here- India's other half. She felt today was my day to write, considering how she's feeling. India woke up nervous this morning. I know she was scared and I reassured her it was okay to be, but everything was going to be okay.

We got to Saint Mary's Mayo Campus and spent a good hot minute in registration, but it didn't take us long to be called back. Nurses came in and did their thing, and then the PA came in. She explained how the lumbar puncture was going to go, followed by an inject of radioactive solution that they will take x-rays of as it moves through her spinal cord. She would have to do a series of these cisternograms, which meant we would have to come back later on in the day.

(She wasn't feeling good. I know her nerves didn't help)

(Outside the Saint Mary's Mayo Campus)

We got back to the hotel and she did not feel good. She started getting incredibly dizzy and nauseous, more so than her usual. She tried laying down, but the babies called. I figured while she's up I should feed her. We miss them so much. I know they are sad, and so are we, but we had to keep reminding them that mommy needed to get better.

After FaceTiming with the kids she needed to lay down. 3:00 came pretty quick and we were back at the hospital for another cisternogram. By this point I have caught her a few times and had to place her in a wheelchair. Once the procedure was over so was she. She couldn't sit up anymore; she was starting to have bad dementia spells; she looked like she was going to pass out. Once back at the told I had to help her walk and make sure she wasn't going to fall. Poor thing needed to lay down quickly.

(Even when feeling her worst she manages to look incredibly adorable and happy. I love this woman. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her or the kids)

That's where she has been since we got back. I have tried to make her as comfortable as possible. She just needs rest. Tomorrow morning is another cisternogram, followed by more doctors. We hope we start getting some answers soon.