It’s Not A Good Start

Setting all humility aside, Sarah happily pushed me through the airport in a wheel chair. It was a slap of reality as to how sick I’ve gotten. Just a couple of years ago I could wear one baby and push two in the stroller with one or two kids walking beside me. Now I can’t even walk myself through the airport to get on an airplane.

The flight itself was absolute torture. It made me even more convinced that what is going on is in my brain. The loud sounds of the engines, the smell of the plane, the pressure in the cabin. All of it made my ear and my head scream. I applied mind over matter. When we got to our hotel room I laid down in the bed fully clothed and fell asleep freezing, shaking and covered in blankets. It wasn’t a restful sleep, I never managed to get comfortable. I woke up still sweating and freezing, but the room was blazing hot. I had my first and only appointment of the day set for 7:30 am with Endocrinology. I managed to get myself to the shower. That’s where Sarah found me, sitting on the shower floor sobbing, shaking, and pulling my long brown hair out in clumps. She helped me pick myself up, get clean and dressed and off we went. To say that I’m not functioning this morning is an understatement. It’s days like this, the REALLY bad days, that have me convinced something is terribly wrong.

First stop, Endocrinology. We arrived at Mayo at 7:30 am. On our way in, we were greeted with the most GORGEOUS sunrise! It reminded me of the morning after Parker Rose was born. I immediately felt at peace.

(Sarah took this from the 18th floor of the Mayo building)

Our first appointment was with an endocrinologist and a surgeon. The appointment was difficult and became harder for me to concentrate or listen as it went on. The bright, flickering lights REALLY brought my symptoms out. Especially, after the night I had. Both doctors were very thorough and they quickly agreed my symptoms did not match my diagnosis in Atlanta (complete removal of my Thyroid). They ordered a battery of bloodwork, along with a repeat ultrasound of my thyroid. I was then referred to Neurology. My appointment was set for early that afternoon.

My appointment with the neurologists was extensive. Like my previous doctors, they took the time to really listen. I was asked a multitude of questions. Sarah had to do most of the talking. My brain just wasn’t working. Both physicians then performed a comprehensive exam. We were given a tentative diagnosis of cerebral fluid leaking in my brain. A battery of tests were ordered—including 5 MRI’s, a lumbar puncture and a myelogram. God continued to carry me through it all. Everything being discussed was terrifying, but I was able to process it and move through it. My tests were set to start the following afternoon.

Leaving neurology, I was exhausted. I was also already up, showered, dressed and out in the world. So, we decided to push on. We went to Target for some essentials—apparently I only packed a little bit of underwear and I needed to find a better pillow to help cushion my head. Sarah couldn’t find a wheelchair, but she found a Karoline’s Cart to push me in. No matter what, we always find a way to have fun and this was no exception! After Target, I was completely wiped out. We went back to the hotel where I immediately crashed. It was 6 in the evening.