Hair Today, Rest Tomorrow

I woke up before Sarah this morning. Last night was incredibly difficult. My head would not stop pounding. We did everything to get it to stop, but I didn't sleep well. Yesterday I overworked my brain—I wrote for six hours. Sarah has done well setting up this blog for me. It helps me exercise my brain and it feels good to write. It’s as though I’m finding a piece of myself. Simultaneously writing is incredibly difficult. I have a hard time looking at screens and being upright in general. I've spent most of the day laying down in the dark.

Weeks ago mom told me to go get my hair cut. So this afternoon was finally the opportunity for me to do some self care. What a gift it was to spend a few hours getting my hair and nails done. Speaking of which, we found this amazing little neck pillow! It heats up in the microwave and has helped relax my neck muscles. It has allowed me to sit up (and write!) a little bit longer. Link is at the bottom of this entry.

AND IT SNOWED! I mean, they promised 6 inches, but I loved everyone of these sprinkles of joy! This is more snow than we may see in Atlanta all year and I loved it.

Our friendly friend came back tonight. We wanted to watch the snow fall and he came out to greet us.