And Now, Rest

Today was a day of rest. Last night took so much out of me. I had hoped to be ready to go out and do a little shopping and some laundry. Instead, I slept most of the day while Sarah went out to do all of the running around. She doesn’t mind and it gets her out of the hotel room for a little bit. She’s truly has been such a God send through this entire process.

We don’t really know anything at this point. I think that’s been the hardest thing through this whole process is the waiting. Both my lower back and my head feel like they’ve gotten beat up between all of the MRI’s.

Tonight, we got to FaceTime tonight with all of the kids. It was so fun to see each of them!! To top off today is snowed tonight!!! I absolutely love snow. God is good ALL the time!

(This is me in the snow. Plus, a big wild bunny came out to great us! Sarah was able to get really close to it before it hoppity hopped back in its home)